2014 PF Trey Lyles is Healthy, But Not Ready to Make His Decision

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
Back from a knee injury this weekend, 2014 PF Trey Lyles wants everyone to know that, while he's ready to play ball again, he's not ready to make his college decision.  And won't be for another year.  According to ZagsBlog: "I’ll probably make a decision after the next high school season.  I’m just trying to take my time and think it through this time. I’m just waiting to see what’s best for me." Lyles, who hadn't played a game in nine weeks before participating in last weekend's Bill Hensley Memorial Run-n-Slam Basketball Classic (longest event name ever), looked to be plenty healthy as he threw down dunks for Spiece Indy Heat.  That AAU name might sound familiar, as it was home to Marquis Teague only two years ago.  Lyles and co. went 6-1, but he was most excited to just be playing ball again, finally. "I am just happy to be out here being able to play and get back on the court with the guys.  This is the first time I ever had to go that long without playing basketball," Lyles told the News-Sentinel. Lyles is being recruited by Duke, Butler, UCLA, Louisville, Florida, and Kentucky, but as of now, there isn't a favorite.  The #4 prospect in his class maintains that he's focused more on his game at the high school level than he is at the college level.  That decision is still a long way away, and for now he's just taking his time and smelling the roses. "(Recruiting) has really slowed down since I narrowed it down to the top six.  I haven't talked to a lot of coaches since I haven't been playing, but no one is really standing out above anyone right now." And, finally, "Everybody is equal."  While that's probably true for his ranking, we know that not all recruiting pitches are created equal.  Lyles said that while he looks at what schools and programs have to offer, he admits that he's keeping an eye on other 2014 players that might land at his target school.  "The players that they got coming in with me is also a big thing that I look into."  Lyles, meet Karl Towns, Jr.  I'm sure you two would get along fantastically, both in the frontrcourt and on midnight trips to Tolly Ho.  Think about it.

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