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Every Friday from now until football season, I give this post up to you.  You give me your favorite, most memorable, funniest, saddest, whatever story related to UK athletics.  It doesn’t have to be any minimum length although the person who send me a 1-sentence post probably will not make it.  But I just want the story that you always tell your friends or means the most to you.  You don’t have to use your name.  Just send it to me at [email protected]
It was my first UK football experience, first home game of the season my freshman year against WKU in 2011. As a typical anxious freshman, I arrived with a friend a couple of hours early to gain a coveted front row seat. That game was played on 9/11 so the atmosphere was amazing; they rolled out the giant flag that covered the whole field, the the old Army Air Corps prop planes did an awesome flyover while the band played the National Anthem and My Old Kentucky Home, and it was just a great introduction to UK football for me.
Things were going well and we were enjoying ourselves for the most part, except for the small problem of the three or four girls behind us who would not shut up. Now obviously, it's a football game, everyone is loud, but these were the obnoxious variety that can really ruin games for people. One in particular would not stop yelling in a ridiculous fake British accent, and she clearly had no idea what was going on but just loved shouting profanities in an accent. I cast a few occasional glances back but she was directly behind me so I couldn't get a great look without making things super awkward. Fed up, I finally turned around, intending to say something rude that might get them all to shut up (but specifically the one behind me), only to find that she was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. As shallow and as corny as it was (I was just a freshman, to be fair), I threw an audible on the spot and instead said in my best British accent "Are you from London too?" That opened up a quick conversation, and we ended up chatting with her and her friends for the rest of the game (which we won handedly). They turned out to be really nice, and afterwards my friend and I got their numbers so we could meet up for the next game, which turned into a tradition that carried on to the next game, and the next, etc., etc. We all remained friends throughout undergrad (and still to this day, actually) and it was a funny situation that we always look back at and wonder why we became friends in the first place.
Oh, and Miss Fake British Accent and I started dating shortly after, and tied the knot the day after our graduation, three and a half years later. She still can't pull off the accent but that doesn't stop her from trying!
-Sam Cox

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