Crossover: Which UK basketball greats could make it on the gridiron?

Crossover: Which UK basketball greats could make it on the gridiron?

Austin Hornalmost 5 years


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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="502"] Ravi Moss: the last great crossover athlete[/caption] Football won its biggest game in a long, long time yesterday. And the NBA Cats have roared off to probably their best start in a… Well, probably ever. So naturally, that leads to some thought about the intersection between football and basketball (Did you know that Willie Cauley-Stein played wide receiver in high school?). I took the time to compose a ‘dream team’ offensive (sorry, 22 is overkill) football roster of recent ex-basketball players who would make for a pretty darn good squad. Here’s what I got:

RB- Eric Bledsoe

Forget WCS at wideout (well, actually don’t forget that–I’m just saving it for later), Eric Bledsoe is a dang running back if I ever saw one. Yes, I’m aware that quarterbacks usually come at the top of depth charts, but Bledsoe just has so much POWER (and no, I’m not talking about the strange youtube review series he hosts about the Starz network show “Power”). He’s such an obvious candidate because: A– The dude is jacked B– He’s from Alabama C– His (possibly retired) nickname is “Crank Dat Mustard.” Not exactly sure what that means, but I can easily see him cranking out pile-moving runs. Remember this pic? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="335"][/caption]

QB- Brandon Knight

This was a tough'n. The easy answer was Rajon Rondo, who once said that he could have played quarterback in the NFL. Not sure about that one, but his vision and passing precision is undeniable. Knight fits the bill, though. He’s got basically everything–from an ideal 6’3 frame, solid athleticism, 4.3 GPA in high school–but the piece de resistance is/was that smile: brandon-knight-laughing Be still, my heart. There’s your quarterback, ladies (and gentlemen). Also, vis a vis Rondo, you have to remember that the quarterback is the tone setter on most any team. It’s hard to argue that I’d rather have someone with Rondo’s track record than the Knight in shining armor. Also, no one gets dunked on in football. And we’re running the option.

WR- Willie Cauley-Stein, John Wall, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

I don’t need to say anything about Willie. I know you know, and every announcer both sides of the Mississippi knows that I know you know. Wall’s arguably the most explosive player in the NBA when his knees are steady (knock on wood). Just imagine him getting up for one-handed catches like he does for dunks, and being semi-ambidextrous certainly doesn’t hurt. I had to put Michael Kidd-Gilchrist somewhere on the field, it was just a matter of where. He’s a competitor, flat out.

OL- Demarcus Cousins, Chuck Hayes, Josh Harrellson, Tai Wynyard, Alex Poythress

Not since the great sideline behemoth John Gruenschlaeger have linemen been this huge, but think of it this way: Boogie has the footwork, Hayes has the leverage, Harrellson’s got the grit (see: OSU game), Wynyard has the lumberjack strength, and Poythress–as we all know–could be a bad man when he set his mind to it.

TE- (pick one) Harrison Twins plus 40 pounds

These two are oddly huge guards, especially Aaron for the one, and they could put that to good use–along with quick feet and hands–to become pretty decent tight ends. In our own way, we were all tight ends when Aaron took those shots in March: [embed][/embed]

Honorable mentions:

Receiver- Ravi Moss Assistant coach- Julius Mays–doesn’t he look like one? 10 bucks says it happens Cornerback- Deandre Liggins, Michael Porter Long snapper- Brian Long Free Safety- Tod Lanter Defensive end- Terrence Jones Linebacker- Ramon Harris @LilbighornKSR

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