28 Days Til Kickoff

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From now until the beginning of UK’s football season (September 2 at Louisville), KSRCollege will be counting down the days before we finally see the pigskin again. Each day, we’re going to take the number of days left before the season starts, and explain how that number is significant to UK football history (recent or ancient). This is going to be based on both personal memories and the research we compile. Hopefully, this will keep us and the football fans occupied during the long summer months and the non-football fans interested. So, until September 2…   - There are 28 Graduate/Student Assistant Coaches on the Football Staff, including the great Andre Woodson.   -DE Collins Ukwu and Safety Mikie Benton both had 28 tackles in their Junior year.Ukwu is known for his playmaking abilities behind the line of scrimmage, and Benton will be the Senior Leader in the Secondary unit after leading the team in pass breakups.   - The University of Kentucky currently has over 28,000 students enrolled.   - RS Freshman HB Derek Bishop scored 28 Touchdowns in his Senior year of High School. As a star for Trinity High School, they went on to win their umpteenth State Title.   - Craig McIntosh hit a 28 yard Field Goal against South Carolina last year, after Avery Williamson forced a fumble deep in their territory. The Cats got on the scoreboard first, but didn't see a point again and took a 54-3 defeat against the #14 team in the nation. Kentucky lost in Total Offense by a gigantic margin of 96- 639.   - On a brighter note, Kentucky Football has produced First Team All-Americans 28 separate times.    You can find countdown posts daily until September 2nd on KSRCollege.com. Missed a few? Here's links to 29, 30, and 31 days left til kickoff.   Let's get this season started already! @RoushKSR

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