300 Posts Later: Understanding Kentucky as an Outsider
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300 Posts Later: Understanding Kentucky as an Outsider

Bobby Reaganover 5 years


Article written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
10398924_560488534450_7044_n Yes, that's me (No. 12, representing Kentucky in the SEC 3v3 Championships) a mere eight years ago, just hours before a tornado touched down and hit the Georgia Dome. Now, why should you care? Probably no reason whatsoever, but I wanted to do something special for my 300th post on this here site. Unlike most of the writers on KSR, I am not from the Kentucky area nor did I even grow up a Kentucky fan, which made deciding to attend UK an even different situation. Hell, it took years after I graduated to fully grasp just how different it is to be a part of UK and explain it to everyone back home. I know there are people reading this who are currently at UK or who just graduated, who grew up hours away from Lexington in the north. This is a post for them as something to relate to and for those who have always been around UK as a thank you. The fact is I never felt welcome at Kentucky - always felt as an outsider - until the Big Blue Madness in 2005 when I realized it didn't matter if you were rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic, male, female, Yankee or local, but as long as you wore blue and white you were welcome. Being part of Kentucky makes you part of an elite group. You are basketball history. It's also unique in the sense of where Kentucky is located - something talked about quite a bit. Yes, UK is in the SEC but it's a basketball school. Kentucky is the South to me, but the midwest for a ton of other people. All of that is what helps make Kentucky and its fans what it is. So with this post I wanted to thank you. I want to thank everyone in Lexington for making it a home for me and somewhere I'm more than proud to go back to. Kentucky, there's truly nothing like it in the world and that's a great thing.

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