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35 Fun Facts About The 2019 Kentucky Football Team

Every year, we comb the Kentucky Football Media Guide for interesting facts about the Wildcats. Last year, we found out that Darian Kinnard is related to Dolly Parton and Kenneth Horsey’s guilty pleasure is watching “Scandal.” What surprises does this year’s media guide have in store for us?

Did You Know…

— Redshirt freshman tight end Brenden Bates is extremely good at the worm

— Senior defensive end TJ Carter used to fence

— Sophomore offensive tackle Austin Dotson is a descendant of Devil Anse Hatfield, the patriarch of the Hatfield clan during the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud

— Sophomore defensive end Collin Hartmann’s favorite movie is The Notebook

— Redshirt freshman defensive lineman Qua Mahone likes to put syrup on his spaghetti

— Sophomore defensive end Shawn Lawson wants to go into astronomy and astrophysics after football is over

— Redshirt freshman running back Tyler Markray used to place ice hockey

— Junior safety Davonte Robinson is the youngest of nine

— Redshirt freshman defensive lineman Davoan Hawkins has 14 siblings

— Junior quarterback Terry Wilson (still) hasn’t had a hair cut since eighth grade

— Junior center Drake Jackson would choose to be stranded on an island with the freshmen offensive linemen because they do what he tells them to

— Junior offensive tackle Landon Young would choose to be stranded on an island with Kash Daniel because they would never run out of food

— Senior tight end Drew Schlegel’s passion in life is mid-major college basketball and he has a sweet mullet

— Redshirt freshman running back Kavosiey Smoke is part Native American

— Sophomore quarterback Walker Wood’s life theme song is “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus

— The celebrity sophomore wide receiver Darren Edmond is often mistaken for is Steve Urkel

Honestly, I don’t really see it, Darren.


— Junior wide receiver Josh Ali: “Jayboogie”

— Junior nose guard Quinton Bohanna: “Big Bo”

— Sophomore linebacker Jamin Davis: “Shadow”

— Sophomore offensive tackle Austin Dotson: “Mountain Man” (he’s from Belfry, KY)

— Senior defensive tackle Phil Hoskins: “Big Snacc”

— Sophomore nose guard Marquan McCall: “Bully”

Dream Jobs other than the NFL

— Junior athlete Lynn Bowden: Owning his own business

— Freshman outside linebacker Jared Casey: Stay-at-home dad

— Sophomore safety Yusuf Corker: Pediatric surgeon

— Sophomore center Tyler Couch: Dermatologist

— Senior tight end Drew Schlegel: Alpaca farmer

Hidden Talents

— Junior nose guard Quinton Bohanna: Being a good basketball player

— Freshman outside linebacker Jared Casey: Making a duck noise

— Freshman offensive lineman Eli Cox: Photoshop skills (watch out, Drew!)

— Junior tight end Justin Rigg: Card tricks

— Junior running back AJ Rose: Gymnastics

— Senior offensive guard Logan Stenberg: Juggling

— Junior linebacker Jamar “Boogie” Watson: Tap dancing

I’ve been reading that last one in Boogie Watson’s bio since he came here and I still don’t believe it. Visual evidence, please.


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