4 star lock or sucker bet?



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As a fan of a perpetually bad football program it's always a pleasure to poke fun at those even worse off than Kentucky. Such is the case with Bill Cosby's alma mater, Temple. The Owls are on a 16 game losing streak, and have lost their last two games (Louisville and Minnesota) by a combined 124-0. Here is a 3 parts funny, 1 part sad article from CNNSI.com's Stewart Mandel interviewing a Vegas odssmaker who has "never seen a team in the last 10 years that's been this non-competitive," and admits that if Temple keeps it up, they might be taken out of the book. Last week, Temple found themselves a staggering 30 point dog to Western Michigan...and lost 41-7. Wow. That's taking suck to a completely new level that even Commonwealth is virgin to. This week, Temple squares off against another team traditionally on the wrong side of the spread, Vanderbilt...and Vandy is -33. Yes, you read it correctly. Vandy has only scored 46 points in 4 games the entire season. I think Vegas is offering up a freebie with this one in hopes of more action down the road...but then again, Western Michigan? side note--Thanks to heady planning on Barnhart's part, Kentucky meets this same Temple squad (if there is one left) next season.

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