5 "Way Too Early" Predictions for Kentucky Football

Erik Jarboeover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Erik JarboeErik Jarboe
  the watsons                                             Before I actually get into the sports stuff, I need to give a huge shout-out the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Watson.  Taylor and his wife Daria were married yesterday in a beautiful ceremony in Carrollton which I was lucky enough to attend, and all of us here at KSR wish them nothing but the brightest of futures together.  It's wedding season people, and while the ceremony was great, the reception was out of this world.  Great job, guys.       2013-05-25 17.48.03                                             As the festivities started to settle down, the conversation started to turn from talk about love and life, to Kentucky sports (of course), and more in particular Kentucky Football.  Although most of the ramble that came as a result originated in a cold beverage, it did afford me some time to start thinking about the coming season and I finally found the liquid courage to give my predictions for the 2013 Air Raid 2.0.  Let the debate begin...       1. Za'Darius Smith will finish in the top three in the SEC in total sacks. 6'6", 270 lbs. of solid rock.  No further explanation necessary.   2. Maxwell Smith will start the season under center. The QB job is far from decided, but I can't help but feel as though it's Smith's to lose.  Just because Maxwell will start the season, that doesn't mean that Whitlow and Patty Ice won't see snaps.   3. Kentucky will lose on the road at Vandy, but will beat Western and either Louisville OR Tennessee.  I refuse to accept that Kentucky got beat by Western last season.  Stoops won't let that happen again, and his boys will go into Nashville and take care of business.  And while I would love to say that the Cats will beat both Louisville AND Tennessee, history has shown that Kentucky rarely experiences too much of a good thing.  Either is fine with me, but I'd rather it be Tennessee to go down.  Here's to a streak of our own, cheers.   4. Ryan Timmons will score at least two Special Teams touchdowns as a Freshman.  Enjoy.  Skip ahead to the 1:08 mark and watch him turn on the jets and leave everyone in the dust.       5. Kentucky will finish the year 4-8 and will win at least two games in the SEC.  That's a low-end estimate, but it's about as realistic as I can be right now.  5-7 isn't out of the question and a .500 record isn't entirely impossible.  It's a system, folks, and it's going to take a couple of seasons for the transformation to be complete.  Patience young Skywalker, patience.       Thoughts?     Follow on Twitter @WEJarboe_KSR

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