6 Reasons why the Anthony Davis Trade to the Lakers is Awesome
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6 Reasons why the Anthony Davis Trade to the Lakers is Awesome

Nick Roushover 2 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


[caption id="attachment_263323" align="alignnone" width="800"] Andrew D. Bernstein | Getty Images[/caption] The biggest story of the offseason wrapped up just two days after the conclusion of the NBA Finals. Anthony Davis has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. A move months in the making, it's going to be great for the Unibrow's career, and in turn, the Big Blue Nation.

1. It's the Lakers

Hate them or love them, the Lakers are the most influential franchise the NBA. The storied franchise dominates the conversation around the league. In turn, they're on TV all the time. The BBN won't need League Pass to watch AD go to work at least once a week.

2. Davis and LeBron

All of the NBA greats have running mates. MJ had Pippen. Kobe had Shaq. There was Stockton and Malone, Duncan, Parker and Ginobli. The list goes on and on. Throughout LeBron James' career, he's had a rotating cast of characters, from Kevin Love and Kyrie to Chris Bosh and D-Wade. It's a talented crew, but Davis could be the best of the best. Obviously, he has a long way to go to create a comparable resume, but the potential is there, thanks to a few other pieces in place.

3. The Lakers Kept Kuzma

There were two players that the Lakers could not trade -- LeBron and Kyle Kuzma. By throwing the Pelicans almost every other asset, they were able to hold onto a rising young star who is their most consistent backcourt threat.

4. Hollywood AD

We've already seen him in a few commercials, but that's incomparable to what Hollywood will do to AD's brand. It's already starting. https://twitter.com/NBAonTNT/status/1140025639854051329

5. No More Warriors

Thanks to Kawhi Leonard and a couple of untimely injuries, the Warriors' dynasty is dead. With essentially just Draymond Green and Steph Curry back in 2019-20, the Lakers are now the 9-2 favorites to win the Finals.

6. Davis is the Future of the Lakers

LeBron James will turn 35 in December. Best case scenario, he has three more years of elite basketball left in the tank. AD will carry the workload in LeBron's waning years. Davis plans on signing an extension following next season, setting him up to receive the torch from LeBron and be the face (or eyebrow) of the Los Angeles Lakers. [mobile_ad]

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