Some Notes from the Attack on the Chicken Shack

Matt Jonesover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
jorts It is New Year's Eve and it is time to celebrate. So I will make this quick with a couple of thoughts on a great day: --- If you live in Louisville, then you know how sweet this is. Not only did Kentucky win, but it was clear that UK was BY FAR the better team. Don't let a UL fan tell you that they lost because Buckles didn't play or any other nonsense. Buckles would have made A difference, but he would not have made THE difference. UK was far superior on both sides of the court and anyone who says otherwise simply does not want to face reality. --- I cant tell you how happy I am for our man Jorts. Along with Woo and Patterson/Lucas, Jorts is a KSR legend, going back to the infamous day that he wore jean shorts on his recruiting visit to Lexington. I find him to be hilarious and one of the best people we have seen on the team in a long time. To see him have such success this year was great, but then to see him have 23 points and 14 rebounds against the Cards on a game that I simply wanted more than any other in a long time...well that was great. J-O-R-T-S JORTS, JORTS, JORTS --- Josh was great...but Brandon Knight is a star. He controlled the game quietly and absolutely dominated the play. He controlled tempo and outside of the first few minutes, was always playing within himself and ahead of the Cards. Very few can score 25 points (the second most ever by a Freshman in the history of the rivalry) and rarely get mentioned afterwards. But Knight did, which showcases just how good he is and what an absolute force as a team leader he has become. --- Along with Knight, a HUGE kudos to Deandre Liggins. The man is a defensive stud. They put him initially on Peyton Siva and he took the Point Guard out of the game. Then, when Preston Knowles got hot in the second half, Liggins switched over and Preston did not score again. He does all the little things and he does them well. I still dont know if I believe the 67 threes made thing that Calipari said, but I do believe that he is the best on the ball perimeter defender at Kentucky since Gerald Fitch. Liggins deserves a huge part of the credit for this win. There is much more but it is Friday night and New Years Eve and I am in Louisville after we beat the Cardinals. Celebrate my friends and be safe. It is a great day to be a CAT! Here is my CBS Article on Jorts and how he became a UK legend in one afternoon.

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