Marilyn Manson he is not...

by:Matt Jones08/07/06
There have been very few television characters that were more discussed after the end of their reigns on our screens than Paul from the "Wonder Years." I am sure that all of you heard the rumors that I did in high school that Marilyn Manson was actually Paul, a rumor that I tended to least until I found out that Zach from "Saved by the Bell" had not died in a car wreck. There was just something about Paul that seemed creepy, and thus it made sense that he would go into the rock of the underworld. Well that of course turned out not to be true and I hadnt thought about Paul in quite sometime....well until today. For reasons that I cannot quite understand, the Washington Post decided that today would be a good day to catch up with Paul and ask him about his feelings about sports. It must have been a slow day at Redskins Park as we find out in this article that Paul is now a corporate attorney in New York (a more life sucking profession and location one cannot imagine) and that he is a huge Rangers fan.....and, well....nothing else. But it is good to see that Paul is still alive and kicking. He truly was one of the ugliest people ever on television, and for that I salute him. We miss you Paul, and Fred Savage and obnoxious older brother.....and especially you Winnie Cooper. The Wonder Years....ahh the memories.

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