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(Times were awfully good, huh?) College GameDay is coming on Saturday. We've talked about the unfortunate timing a few times here on KSR already this week. I'm not here to argue that point with anyone. Why couldn't College GameDay have been here last year? I've asked myself that same question over and over. We can continue to bemoan the timing or we can move on and discuss a few of the reasons why one should attend College GameDay in Lexington on Sunday.  1) PRIDE I typed that in all capital letters because it just felt right, and it felt like something Gerry Bertier from Remember the Titans would be proud of me for doing... Besides previewing the Saturday slate of games and monitoring the progress of college basketball across the country, College GameDay provides a stage for the chosen host school that week to show off in front of the entire country. The host school's try not only to showcase the atmosphere of the town and arena, but also the strength and excitement of the fan base. In a way, GameDay is almost like a big informercial for whatever program the bus stops at that week. Three years ago Kentucky shattered GameDay crowd records, nearly filling Rupp Arena to capacity for the early morning show. Rupp Arena was rocking and the buzz was palpable throughout Lexington that entire day. Kentucky basketball fans, long thought to be one of the most (if not the most) passionate fan bases in college basketball did everything right to live up to the hype and expectations. Kentucky fans showed once again that they simply care more and will do just about anything to support their program. If for no other reason, show up on Saturday to continue the belief that Kentucky basketball fans are the best and most passionate fans in the country. Don't give the haters and naysayers any reason to throw words such as "fair weather" in our direction. 2) We might not have this chance again anytime soon... We had to wait three years to host College GameDay again, even after the most successful crowd showing in the show's history. ESPN does a good job of sharing the wealth when it comes to choosing which campuses to visit each year. GameDay is different and it's fun. Kentucky might have to wait another three years, maybe even more, before the show comes back to town. Enjoy the opportunity while you can! If you are a student, you should really consider taking advantage of the opportunity. This might be the only chance you have while you are a student (unless you do a few victory laps) to experience a GameDay... (Also...scroll down to #4) 3) Something cool or interesting will happen The last time College GameDay came to town, Calipari invited a bunch of former Kentucky players back to Lexington to be part of the event. Every school tries to do something cool, interesting or unexpected to add excitement to the atmosphere. I'm not sure what Kentucky has up its sleeve for Saturday, but you can count on something happening that will be a unique experience that you can only have if you are in attendance. 4) You might win $18,000 If you are a student, there's a chance you might be selected to take the half court shot on air for $18,000. That may sound like a long shot (ha...ha), but in reality-- more students have hit the shot this year than ever before. It's an epidemic, almost like storming the court... P.s. You know if they try to tell you that your toe was on the line, Big Blue Nation will have your back and tweet people angrily until you get the money (I'm looking at you, Referee Guy)   5) Someone is probably going to try to make a Harlem Shake video... let's be honest Three days ago I couldn't stop clicking on new Harlem Shake videos. Oh, there's a new one with puppies? Yep. Click. Oh, there's another underwater one? Wonder if it's as good as the first one? Nope. Not as good. Guess I better watch the first underwater one again then. Yep. Click. I'm just about "over it" when it comes to incessantly watching them now. With that said, the height of the Harlem Shake phenomenon took place over the course of the last week. Even the Today show has taken its turn at producing one of the videos. EVEN THE UK DIVE TEAM HAS ONE!!! Someone from GameDay is probably going to try to jump on the bandwagon and create one at some point on Saturday. You know it. I know it. Jay Bilas knows it, because he knows everything. Maybe you can be a part of the first ever College GameDay Harlem Shake Video. 6) Never pass up a chance to make a clever sign... (Seriously ESPN...how did you miss that?) You only have so many opportunities in life to make clever and creative posters incorporating the letters E S P and N. Be clever. Be funny. Think outside of the box. Warning: They will probably check your sign before you come in though. If it's too bad, they won't let you in (well, maybe...see above). I'm counting on some great signs Saturday. Do your thing, Big Blue Nation... Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this.  P.s. You might end up on KSR! And if not, definitely on KSR College. 7) Lack of good home games this season... I know, I know. College GameDay is not a basketball game. With that said, many of us shrugged our shoulders in a rather unexcited fashion when we saw the Rupp Arena home schedule for this season. Missouri is one of the few "marquee" home games we've waited for all season. While College GameDay isn't an actual game, it's still something different and exciting coming into Rupp Arena. Let's be honest, it will be more entertaining than the Eastern Michigan game. Sharpie *Seth Davis voice* 8) This game is critically important. This team needs any boost it can get.  Although this game might not seem as important if we lose tomorrow against Vanderbilt (I think we can all agree that might be the nail in the coffin to our NCAA tournament hopes, barring an SEC tournament championship), Kentucky desperately needs to pick up the win Saturday night against Missouri. If we've learned anything from Matt's trip to learn about the selection process, it's that Kentucky's tournament resume' is in dire need of a marquee win over a solid opponent. Kentucky has two chances left in Missouri and Florida. Florida will without question be the harder of the two, but Kentucky needs at least one. Will that ensure a spot in the field? Of course not. Kentucky will still have work to do (including tomorrow night) for the remainder of the season. Not winning against Missouri or Florida though will almost certainly mean Kentucky doesn't make the field. Any boost the team can get from the fans leading up to the game on Saturday would probably be helpful. A big showing of support by the fans, even for a team that has struggled all season and caused much frustration-- might go along way psychologically to get the team ready for the game. It can't hurt, right? And if Kentucky happens to lose tomorrow, or ends up not making the NCAA tournament in the end anyway... an event like GameDay might just be one of the highlights of an otherwise rather mediocre season. Why not enjoy an excuse to get loud and hyped?   **BONUS: We haven't really had the chance to properly boo Digger Phelps after his "LISTEN TO ME! LISTEN TO ME!" If I have convinced you with any of the above reasons (or if you thought of a better reason yourself), click here to get tickets for Saturday's College GameDay. If not, you can spend Saturday morning watching Harlem Shake videos. That's a decision you'll have to live with...

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