8/8/08: The Future Begins
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8/8/08: The Future Begins

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
opening.jpg I hope you got to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games tonight. One of the most impressive displays of anything that I have personally ever seen, the Opening Ceremonies signal to the world the beginning of a new era, in which the Chinese have arrived on the world stage. Whether it was the site of 1400 drummers drumming in unison, unfathomable choreography, the moving site of Yao Ming and a child who escaped the May Earthquake or the unbelievable way in which the Olympic Torch was lit, tonight's Opening Ceremonies will likely never be matched and made an event that I always enjoy, into one of the best events that I have ever seen. Tonight was China's coming out party and what a spectacle it was. And on a much smaller and more insignificant level, tonight was also a huge night for the future of Kentucky football. For the first time in my lifetime, Kentucky went after an elite player, ranked as having the 2nd best arm in the country by Scout.com and the 5th ranked traditional passer in the land, against other top schools (Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, Colorado) who had no connection to the state of Kentucky....and they won. As far as my knowledge goes, that has never happened before and it signifies a possible opening of the Kentucky football program to the college football world. Ryan Mossakowski isnt Joe Montana....and what he does in college remains to be seen.....but Kentucky got a commitment from a program quarterback from a hotbed of football (Texas)....and they did so the right way....by great recruiting by Joker Phillips, Randy Sanders and Rich Brooks. Tonight was a big night for UK football and I cant wait until Monday when Ryan comes on our radio show and explains his decision. A cool night around the KSR compound....and if you skipped out on the Opening Ceremonies, get a tape....it was something to behold.

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