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[caption id="attachment_176796" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Photo by Chet White - UK Athletics Photo by Chet White - UK Athletics[/caption] No one can deny that starting in August this season had special written across it. We watched on as the team played games in a tiny gym in the Bahamas. Then as they took us on the crazy ride that was a perfect regular season, amazing us with their athleticism and ability to rally back when adversity struck them. They brought the SEC Championship title back to Lexington for the first time since 2010. Now, two games away from a ninth national title and perfect season, we're starting to realize that some of these players will never put on a Kentucky uniform ever again after Monday and it's extremely bittersweet. To prep for what will inevitably be a crazy weekend for the BBN, here are nine things that should/could happen: 1. Devin Booker reloading D. Book started the tournament with a rough start. He went 0-7 from behind the line in the first two games against Hampton and Cincinnati. However, he's battled back and is back to his old self shooting 4-8 in the last two games. We might be able to contribute his recent success to Daxter Miles Jr. saying that Kentucky was going to be 36-1, but whatever it was we're thankful because having Booker back is amazing. 2. Willie Cauley-Stein's stare down Starting with Montrezl Harrell at Louisville, Cauley-Stein got into the habit of staring his opponent down after dunking or blocking their shot. While it is hilarious for those watching at home, it can't be funny for the victim because it is downright scary. 3. The team needs to keep having fun and being loose One of the most special things about this team is that they are genuinely having fun with their run. Playing Super Mario Bros. on road trips and taking over post-game interviews in the locker room, they haven't let the hate get to them and it shows on and off the court. 4. The Twins need to keep playing like they are A strong argument can be made that Aaron and Andrew Harrison have very well be the MVP's of the tournament. Aaron's three a mile behind the line to put the Cats ahead against Notre Dame and Andrew's clutch free throws to seal a victory in the Sweet 16 against Notre Dame has proven to everyone else what the BBN already knew. 5. More trash talk As mentioned earlier, Daxter Miles Jr. of the West Virginia Mountaineers took it upon himself to declare that Kentucky was going to be 36-1, and we all saw how that turned out. The Cats won 78-39 and even if they hadn't scored the second half, Kentucky would have won by five points. If any of the teams left start to talk a little trash, it could very well floor the Cats to grind them to a pulp just like WVU. [caption id="attachment_176797" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Photo by Chet White - UK Athletics Photo by Chet White - UK Athletics[/caption] 6. More crazy dunks Again and again Cauley-Stein has "murdered" people just below the rim and given the Cats the energy they need to come through and win games. Expect many more of these, not only from Cauley-Stein, but from Trey Lyles, Marcus Lee, Dakari Johnson and Karl-Antony Towns. All five have proven that they have the athleticism to make the plays that can change the pace of a game. 7. Tyler Ulis' scrappiness Ulis has proven time and time again that while he is the smallest player for the Cats, he is by no means the weakest. We saw him go up against Auburns seven foot player in the SEC tournament and as he came back for blood against Louisville after they made him bleed his own. His scrappiness has been clutch as he's forced several turnovers this year and we're sure to see a lot of that. 8. Fans will continue to show out Today, a record breaking 25,000 fans attended the Final Four Friday in Indianapolis. It's also safe to assume that the majority of them were Kentucky fans. Fans have showed up all season and have been a great factor into helping this team pull out of some holes and will continue to be a contributor through the next two games. 9. The return of the coveted national title to Lexington Last year, it was within our reach. Now we stand two games away and #9 seems like it already belongs to Kentucky. It seems as if it has taken forever to get here, but it also seems like the season has passed in a blink of an eye. If and when the confetti is falling in Lucas Oil over a national champion Kentucky team, cherish the moment because another team like this will more than likely never happen again.

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