A better attempt at a Billy Clyde song

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
gsong.jpeg Last week we told you about this Billy Clyde song created by 99.7 FM in Louisville that attempted to showcase an old white man and a goofy woman as they "rapped" about Kentucky's newest coach. The results were truly pitiful. A combination of morning show fake enthusiasm (even though the show is supposedly on at night), Sinbad-like comedy and a previously untapped resevoir of lameness, the 99.7 song reached the pantheon of awfulness.....and thus will never be forgotten. I have been told that the folks at 99.7 have been lambasting us on their show this week, but I havent heard it. If you have, put in the comments what was said.....a professor of mine once said that you learn a lot about a person by who dislikes them.....and if this cast of clowns is against us.....well we are moving forward. But today I was sent a song from 98.1 "The Bull" in Lexington that cheered me a up a bit called Billy G's Town. Now let me be clear.....I dont think this is great, but it is LIGHT YEARS above the mess that we heard last week. A Montgomery Gentry parody (Kentucky boys) that doesnt break any ground creatively, "Billy G's Town" is at least not embarrassing. I still think there is some work to be done in this genre, but coming after the "anyone with a pulse can do better" 99.7 offering, this is progress. And oh yeah, to answer some of the emails we have gotten, it is not that we are "old" and dont "get" the 99.7 parody. We are all "young" and believe me, we "get" the parody. In the same way that I "get" the jokes being made by Carlos Mencia, but know they are painfully horrendous, when I hear the G-I-LLI-S-PIE.......I can see the words coming out of a man's mouth who could easily be a middle school principal.....and it makes me die a little bit inside.

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