A Change in Jersey Retirement Process at Kentucky

Matt Jones05/19/14


Article written by:On3 imageMatt Jones
sam_bowie30 If you listen to KSR on the radio, you know that we go by the slogan "Facts are Optional." The reason is for days like today where I found out for the first time that the process to get a jersey retired at Kentucky has changed slightly. While it is still the case that in order to have your jersey retired, you must be in the Kentucky Hall of Fame for five years, the requirements for getting in the Hall of Fame have changed. Unbeknownst to me, you no longer are required to have a degree in order to enter the UK Athletic Hall of Fame. The requirement, which seemed to be doom for the "Succeed and Proceed" era (we are nothing if not loyal to the new Rene-created slogan), is now no longer in place, opening the way for the Anthony Davis/John Wall retirements in the future. So while Tony Delk still should be retired under any system (and he is now eligible after five years in the UK Hall of Fame...lets get it done UK), we now have a system that can allow for Wall, Davis and pre-tweet Rex Chapman to get in as well. It was a change that was definitely needed.

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