A couple of names from UK's past on the move?

A couple of names from UK's past on the move?

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


tubby Doug Gottlieb addressed some of the chatter around college basketball today, and rumors of the coaching carousel have already started to swirl. Apparently two of the biggest rumors surround Kentucky's former coach Tubby Smith and current Arkansas head man and Unforgettable John Pelphrey. Here's what Gottlieb had to say:
The hottest chatter in coaching news is the speculation that Tubby Smith will be on the move this offseason. Three different head coaches told me the coaching fraternity is abuzz over whether Georgia Tech will buy out Paul Hewitt (reportedly in excess of $5 million dollars) and land Smith. Missouri coach Mike Anderson is the most logical first call for Arkansas if, as widely speculated, it makes a change. Anderson, who was Nolan Richardson's longtime right hand man in Fayetteville, has turned down big money before -- like last year with Oregon reportedly offering in excess of $2 million dollars -- but Arkansas is seen as a destination job.
The rest of the article is Insider Only, but luckily Doug Gottlieb wrote it so you probably didn't want to read it. Anyway, if this were to come to fruition, it would mean a return to the state of Georgia for Tubby and a setback in what recently appeared to be a promising young coaching career for Pel. Although beating Kentucky was said by some to be a job saving win, it appears that the possibility for Pelphrey to be gone after the year is still very real. As for Tubby, it seems like any time a job in Georgia is even rumored to be available, he's the first name to be brought up. And, since his time in Minnesota hasn't done much to prove that whole notion about UK fans being crazy for wanting a change, I guess it's not that surprising that he might be looking to cut bait. I'm not saying he might be looking to get out of town before the bottom falls out, but he might be looking to get out of town before the bottom falls out. Either way, it'll be interesting to see what the offseason brings for two big parts of the last couple of decades of Kentucky basketball.

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