A Couple Of Things To Get You Excited For Next Season

A Couple Of Things To Get You Excited For Next Season

Will Lentzover 10 years


Article written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

As if you weren’t already.  Earlier today, Ryan Harrow tweeted out a picture of his shoes and new locker room stool.  The ones we have seen numerous times before, with the players name and number.  While it’s definitely cool to see the players excited about having their name in blue, somebody has got to get Harrow some shoes that aren’t Louisville red. And by somebody, I mean someone that is NCAA approved.  Like an Auburn hostess or something.


Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite video editor not named Drew Franklin has produced a season preview for the Cats.  UKCats8fan has been putting together some of the best high light reels since John Calipari’s first class at UK, and it makes me wonder if he isn’t Brad Calipari working on iMovie.  Nevertheless, the video takes a look at the incoming stars, the returnees, and even a little Lowell Galindo.

How many days until Big Blue Madness again?

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