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wolken Its been quite a day, with Bobby "Thats Coach to you son" Knight taking a shot at Calipari and idiots like Skip Bayless using the opportunity to pile on as well (I am choosing to ignore the Sports Guy's shot because without Simmons there is no blog...so no more mention shall be made of it...deal? Ok). Then came the sounds from Memphis as Dan "if the Hair Gel is low, so is my soul" Wolken of the Memphis Commercial Appeal joined into the fray. In case you dont know Wolken (and why would you), he is the beat writer from the Memphis newspaper (think Tipton) for the Tigers' college basketball team. While Calipari was at Memphis, he loved the Coach, promoted him and the Memphis program and took the role of happy-go-lucky Calipari devotee. Then Cal left. And now he says things like this (from Twitter today): Debating Cal's past is useless. The real story is how an elite program fell so hard, it had to buy Memphis' recruiting class to recover Leaving aside the substance of his comment (which assumes that the practice of "owning" recruits by getting them to sign LOI...the most unfair and ridiculous practice of many allowed by the NCAA...is somehow a positive) and his continued bizarre notion that Memphis is a top-tier program, it suggest moreso an unhappy man who needs to move forward with his life. Now listen, I understand what it is like to be a scorned lover. I have had women break my heart in my younger days and there are times it can be sad and you lash out. But Dan come on...with your gelled hair and flashy newspaper gig, there will be a new Calipari just around the corner for you to fall in love with. In fact, dont you have one right now? Josh Pastner is bringing in recruits by the boatload and he is young and dreamy, just like Calipari a few years ago. You dont need to lash out at your friends to the North and make absurd statements (like the notion that a Memphis-Tennesse atmosphere is better than UK-Carolina in Rupp) just to get at your former crush. Embrace the Pastner era and move on with your life. It will be better for all of us. Speaking of something better, it is Friday night and if you dont have plans, listen to me on 840 AM WHAS with Lachlan from 7 to 8 pm. We will debate Knight's comments, Lach's question if Wall is overrated and whether the Cards will make the tournament. Tune in and join the fun.

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