A Different Side of Nerlens Noel

Ally Tuckerabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Ally TuckerAlly Tucker
(h/t Boston Herald) The Boston Herald put out a great article that showcases a different side of Nerlens Noel, a side that may be overshadowed by some of the stories, rumors and questions about his reclassification and eligibility. Add George Wright-Easy to the list of names associated with Nerlens Noel. But this story plays out a little differently from some of the others you may have heard. Wright-Easy is a 28 year-old mentor who serves children through the New England Community Services-- a Dorchester-based nonprofit organization. Noel has been spending some time during his final weeks at home before heading to Lexington helping out and volunteering with the organization.
So where does he go on one of the last nights before his world changes, before he leaves for the University of Kentucky next month and presumably the NBA draft 10 months later? To the movie theatre to see the latest installment of the "Spiderman" series with kids Wright-Easy mentors. Wright-Easy insists this is the real Noel. A side that has been overshadowed amid reports of the NCAA investigations and news stories on the involvement of shady characters in the 18 year-old's life. "This is what we do. He's not really out there crazy, doing all kinds of nonsense," Wright-Easy said. "What No. 1 player in the country do you know that's giving back to kids like this?"
The article goes on to describe Noel as an outgoing and charismatic kid, who has also been spending time this summer working at various local basketball camps. Noel embraces his stature as a role model in the area for young kids who look up to him.
"I'm just helping mentor these kids, giving them someone to look up to, being a role model," Noel said. "I give them advice, tips. Growing up in the inner-city, I know how it is and I just try to give these kids the best guidance I can."
Noel and Wright-Easy do not avoid questions about some of the issues that have come up in the past few months regarding his eligibility. Both talk about the process of being a top recruit and how to manage those who are kept in the inner-circle. Noel also discusses his excitement for the future in Lexington. "I know it's going to be crazy." Come join the madness, Nerlens.

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