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 - First and foremost, Patrick Patterson's ankle appears to be nothing serious, but his status is still not known for tomorrow's game, according to Brett Dawson.  Buster Patterson told Tucker Max that it was nothing major after Patrick was limping around in the first half and Cal apparently told the media afterward that he held Patterson out because Cats were playing so well without him.  - Also, in an injury that we can't blame on the court, Ramon Harris went down following a made basket in the first half and appeared to have either a torn ACL or something requiring amputation.  He then re-entered the game later in the half and logged 19 minutes as the first guy off the bench. He apparently is not hurt, although I think his frequent "I might have just suffered a career-ending injury" move scores high with the ladies.  - Coach Cal's practice seemed to have done the trick as the defensive effort was much better.  The Cats held the Vikings to 26% shooting from the field (5-26 on threes) and, despite only having an 8-point lead, looked much better as a team.  Or my feed sucked.   - Another issue that we expected to face this year appeared to be a non-issue as the Cats again looked fairly strong on their three-point shooting.  They finished the game 5-11 and Jon Hood and DeMarcus Cousins both hit the first triples of the year.  If they continue to shoot as well as they have from downtown, they could be even more unstoppable offensively than any of us though.  - For really the first time this year, the Cats faced a team that was very physical with them.  Cleveland State often walked a very thin line between "cheap" and "physical", but it was good to see the Cats stand tall.  DeMarcus Cousins truly is mean as s--t and I think it's probably a mistake for someone to try to get mouthy or bow up on him.  Just ask that Cunningham guy.  - As expected, neither DeAndre Liggins nor Darnell Dodson saw the dance floor for the Cats.  Liggins has yet to see the court this year and Dodson did not play for the second straight game.  - If there are any of you that are so young that you don't really understand how television used to be or think that Raycom's feed is as bad as it could be, the CBS Sports College Channel feed must have blown your mind.  Im not sure if I can remember the last time I saw something that grainy and it reminded me of sitting in my great-grandmother's farm house ten years ago and watching my uncles try to adjust the rabbit ears so she could see Wheel of Fortune better.  Nice work CBS!   - Thankfully, though, the feed was not too fuzzy to hide the giant Mexican flag displayed with a "Happy Thanksgiving" sign just above the bleachers.  Thanks, Mexico.  - Also, the CBS College Channel also opened our mind to the broadcasting greatness that is Rich Zvosec.  I know most of you know Zvosec from his storied years at the helm of North Florida and Missouri-Kansas City, but now you can count him among a few basketball geniuses who think that John Wall "probably" will be an NBA player. Don't get too cold out on that limb, Rich. Don't get too filled up with Cleveland State and UK info yet. Tucker Max will be by later with his full Cancun recap because he's smart and I'm dumb. I'm wrong. He's right. He's the best. I'm the worst. He's very good looking. I'm not very attractive. You get the point.

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