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A few thoughts on the ‘Cats of the girdiron, and the hardwood…

Rich Brooks failed to land a signuature win this season, but has landed his signature recruit with Micah Johnson. It seems the next challenge for the staff will be finding the best spot for this “freak” athlete, getting him eligible, settling on a QB (To Justin Burke: The ACC sucks), coming home from California with some commitments to fill the WR void, finding a new condtioning program so guys like Joe Schuler and Joe Joe Brown can stay on the scout team, and drawing up some winning game plans. Whew, good luck, no pressure, enjoy the paychecks.

As much as I destest the Herald-Leader and their sport’s coverage (minus the legend of Jerry Tipton) the headline from Tuesday’s edition, 21 FEET OF CATS COMING UP SHORT was perfect. It even seemed to spark a little fire under Big Woo last night. The “Prodigal-Pol” had by far his most inspiring performance of the season, allbeit agaisnt High Point, and a Centers with the size and ability of one of his legs. Speaking of High Point, where was Lute Olsen when this kid “Arizona” Reid was up for grabs? “AZ” as teamates and post offices like to call him put in a monster game for the High Point Wicker Chairs last night (token NC furniture reference).

Tubby needs to stick with the small lineup until proven otherwise. UK’s plethora of guards are all demanding and deserving playing time, unlike certain 7 foot post players, and un-named Canadian ones. If Rondo can give us 10 boards a game, and still get out for the fast break, why not?

I saw Tubby Smith and Bobby Perry holding hands at Memorial Coliseum today. It was cute, and I’m glad those two are so happy with each other, but I think it’s starting to make Joe Crawford jealous.

After watching the UNC/Illionois game last night: UNC has as many scoring options as a eunic in a monestary, but one thing is for certain: They have some significant young scrappers out there who can run up and down the floor and create some havok. Plus, former UK recruit Tyler Hansbrough is a force in the post, and Roy Williams on the sideline is never an easy ‘W’. Should be an entertaining Rupp Arena on Saturday. I’m guessing UK 71 UNC 62

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