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Former UK All-American John Holmes could have taught the PGA's Q-School this weekend. Holmes capped off the six-round tournament with a 69, good for -24 overall and the title. Look for big things in the near future from the 23-year-old phenom, who upon playing a practice round with Chris DiMarco earlier in the year prompted the ex-Gator to proclaim, "He'll [Holmes] be the longest driver on tour when he turns pro." But does he sing like John Daly too? Rajon Rondo is doubtful for tomorrow's bakery sale in Atlanta. Apparently Rondo was not at 100% for the Carolina game, something a Dr. with a degree from Phoenix Online could have observed. I hate Duke. Louisville trailed the arachnic Richmond Spiders 27-21 at halftime tonight in Freedom Hall, and needed 30 points from Sr. guard Tae-Kwan-Dean to escape with a 53-45 win (That's right, 30 of 53 points from the dojo). Cheer up UK fans, at least we've looked bad against decent teams. For a good laugh, check out the 'Ville's non-conference schedule. (Memo to Tom Jurich--Love the all black uniforms. I Don't know why no one did them before, surely it's not because the school colors are RED and WHITE). Could someone please let the Bengals know that the Super Bowl isn't until the end of January, and certainly isn't played in Pittsburgh. If this team doesn't stop patting themselves on the back, they won't have their hands up to block the smack in the face that's coming to them in the playoffs. Of course, I may just be speaking to Chad Johnson here. (Love the grill Chad, let's hit up the club again soon)

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