A Final Spring Practice Before the Final Four

A Final Spring Practice Before the Final Four

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towles -  With one more day of good weather, Coach Stoops moved practice from Friday to Thursday.  It isn't just for the Final Four festivities; he's hoping three days off will help them get some much-needed bodies back in action next week. One of the thinnest positions is linebacker.  Nico Firios returned today, but unfortunately they've lost Kobie Walker for the Spring.  After a high ankle sprain during Saturday's scrimmage, he had minor surgery.  Alex Montgomery also needed surgery to remove some less cartilage in his surgically repaired knee.  It has to be aggravating for Montgomery, but it's better to get those setbacks out of the way now, rather than later. -  Coach Stoops praised his offense's run game, very appreciative of Shannon Dawson's physical style, "Coach Dawson loves to run the football.  He wants to be physical, and that does nothing but help our team.  It sets up big plays off play-action and helps us defensively." Much of the added meat and potatoes is a result of how they start practice everyday.  They call it the "SEC Drill," lining the offense up in traditional power running sets with two tight ends.  This isn't a drill for the faint of heart.  They'll throw in a bootleg or a play-action every once in awhile, but it's good ole fashioned, hard-nosed, run it down your throat football, mono y mono.  Needless to say, if you're not ready to go 100% when practice starts, prepare to have your bell rung. -  Big George Asafo-Adjei has impressed everyone on the team since his arrival.  Patrick Towles was taken aback when talking about his size, "One of his arms is like two of mine."  People started calling him Big George in first grade.   He was already a head taller than most. He has transitioned pretty seamlessly into college football.  There's still some nuances of the game he's working on everyday, especially the speed of pass rushers, but schoolwork has actually been more difficult.  This Spring could be the perfect transition period for him, possibly keeping a redshirt off his back, a first for freshmen on Stoops' OLine. -  Patrick Towles' spread for Saturday's game?  Cats by 60, "but I'll take a W."

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