A Fractured Rumor About Wall

Anthony Wiremanover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Anthony WiremanAnthony Wireman
There has been a minor Internet meltdown this morning as rumors circulated that Mr. Everything John Wall has fractured his foot and the extent of the injury is unknown. I have confirmed that John Wall does NOT have a fractured foot. Kentucky fans...you can return to work now. Update: The biggest buzz this morning has been John Wall's fractured foot...that was not fractured at all. Now that we have hopefully silenced that rumor, let's move on. - Florida head coach Billy Donovan told The Orlando Sentinel last night following the Gators' victory over Auburn that his team basically has mid-level talent in the SEC: "We're probably somewhere in the middle," Donovan said. Apparently, Donovan isn't the only person that feels that way. Ricardo Ratliffe, the nation's top-rated JUCO player, stated to Richard Burton of Ocala.com: “When I first got (to CFCC), (Florida) was recruiting me, but then they kind of backed off for awhile because they thought they had what they needed inside. They thought they had the toughness and overall good play inside, but as the season went on, they realized they needed tougher players and players who would go after rebounds." If I am a current Florida big man (such as Alex Tyus), I am probably not feeling wonderful about a JUCO recruit calling me out publicly. But, maybe that's just me. - In case you missed it below, Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon apparently hates Matt...and Matt is totally confused (and rightfully so). Click here to keep up with Matt and the guys as they roll across college basketball's landscape - I have wondered for years who played C-3PO in the Star Wars movies; after today's robotic, controlled speech, I am pretty confident that it was Tiger Woods Follow me on Twitter For coverage of all basketball in Kentucky, check out my site: AllKYHoops.com

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