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studentsrupp Its not often that I will say that another individual's article is a must-read. Except for the occasional gem from Brian the Intern, I can take or leave most writing on the internet. But this one, like the Jason King piece from last week, is an exception. A UNC fan attended the game in Rupp on Saturday and wrote this piece on the atmosphere for the game. It captures dead-on the environment and the whole feeling in the arena. My favorite quote: As the game wound down, you could sense that the crowd was happy not just about the win, but a return to relevance. And these people deserve it. It odd to say they "deserve" anything since this is a fanbase blessed with more wins than anyone in college basketball history; but they do. People that care this much about basketball should have a Top 10 team. It's just good for the sport. He is right. UK fans do deserve it, and Saturday was an example of how it feels when it is back.

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