A Hot Dog Take from the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Champion

Jay Winklerabout 4 years


Aritcle written by:Jay WinklerJay Winkler


We here at KSR enjoy the annual Nathan's Hot dog Eating contest a bit more than your average people. So when the reigning, defending, undisputed hot dog eating champion of the world, Joey Chestnut, a man who once ate a world record 73.5 hotdogs in 10 minutes, decides to throw his hat into the ring around one of the internet's greatest debates, we take notice. So, Mr. Chestnut, is a hot dog a sandwich?
“You start considering a hot dog a sandwich, and you’re like ‘oh, because there’s carbs around it,’ then you have to start, kinda, is a gyro a sandwich? ‘Cause that’s kinda like ... no. You have to keep division.”
There you have it, folks. The foremost authority on hot dog eating on the Earth is wrong. Because a hot dog is clearly a sandwich. Feel free to discuss. [Deadspin] @JayWinkKSR  

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