A Little Perspective on Jodie

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I was speaking with someone at the game on Saturday, when they asked me a relatively simple question. "Just how good a year is Jodie Meeks having historically?" I decided to do a little research and see where Meeks is currently and how he is projected to stand up against some of the great seasons in UK history. With help from Jon Scott's amazing website of statistics, below are the top 10 scoring seasons in the history of UK basketball: 1 Dan Issel (1969-70) 28 games 948 points 2 Jamal Mashburn (1991-92) 36 games 767 points 3 Dan Issel (1968-69) 28 games 746 points 4 Kevin Grevey (1974-75) 31 games 730 points 5 Ron Mercer (1996-97) 40 games 725 points 6 Kenny Walker (1985-86) 36 games 721 points 7 Jamal Mashburn (1992-93) 34 games 714 points 8 Kenny Walker (1984-85) 31 games 710 points 9 Alex Groza (1948-49) 34 games 698 points 10 Cliff Hagan (1951-52) 32 games 692 points Now at this moment, Jodie has 265 points in 11 games. There are currently 20 regular season games remaining, and if we project just two postseason games (and that is a conservative projection....I would say with the SEC and NCAA Tournament, 3-5 is more likely), we see just how historic this season can be. If Jodie stays at his same pace of points, he would finish with 795 points, a number that would place him second all time in UK history. Considering the unfathomable nature of Dan Issel's amazing Senior season, Meeks would be breaking the non-Issel record for points at UK in a season. In so doing, he would pass Mashburn, Givens, Mercer and other greats for single-season performance and would put himself in the conversation among the all time greats. There are of course caveats.....he could end up scoring less with tougher competition, etc, etc. But nevertheless, Jodie is on pace to join rarified air. And UK fans should all stop and appreciate what they are witnessing.

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