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This will stay at the top.  If you are looking to donate to Haiti and those in need, you can do so through the Red Cross here.  Thanks to Coach Cal for the link.

If you want a live video feed of the telecast, this link should work.

Promoted from the comments, from Coach Cals site: Call into the WKYT donation line at 859.299.5455 or 800-500-1513. Phones will be manned by the UK men’s basketball team and other local volunteers from Noon to 4:30 ONLY.

2:30 pm MATT: We just finished the podcast. An amazing number of guests: Coach Calipari, Joe B Hall, Governor Beshear, Richie Farmer, Dave Baker and Tom Leach all stopped by with the group. It was a great time and there are some hilarious moments throughout. The podcast should be ready by around 8 pm tonight. Thanks to everyone for reading and donating.

2:11 – Drew: Coach Cal just stopped by. This podcast is pooping ice cream.

2:00 – Will: Being stuck back here in the studio has made it hard to hear about the awesome things Cal is doing for the Red Cross. Real talk here, if you have the ability to be a part of this, I highly encourage it. Apparently even Lebron has put tickets up for auction.

1:55 – Will: And Cal is on the podcast. Currently the lineup is Matt, Dave Baker, Calipari… and Drew Franklin. God help us.

1:48 – Drew (via Will): The pulled pork here is good. First real meal I’ve had in a week. I need a job.

1:38 – Will: Reports are that we have raised close to $200,000 so far. Pretty huge. Just left my seat for Dave Baker, seems like a great guy, says he lives ‘vicariously’ through us bloggers. Also, giving it to Matt pretty good right now, look for that on the podcast.

1:24 MATT — We have had quite a group in here, ranging from Richie Farmer to Joe B Hall to Governor Beshear to Tom Leach. We hope to get Coach Calipari soon. It is a great scene and Joe B Hall making fun of Drew may have been an early highlight.

1:02 – Drew: Joe B. Hall just yelled at me (jokingly) to the point that I think I’ll be staying after the telethon to run sprints. I can’t imagine what it was like to face him in a huddle after not getting back on defense.

12:48 – Turkey Hunter: Joe B making fun of Drew Franklin for his unemployment. Looking to hire him as a chaueffer (sp.)

12:47 – Turkey Hunter: Coach Joe B. has crushed his segment. Best segment thus far.

12:45 – Turkey Hunter: Coach Hall is DOING THE JOHN WALL DANCE!!!!!!

12:45 – Turkey Hunter: Coach Hall just sat down for a conversation with Matt and crew. I LOVE Coach Hall. Nice man, smells like a Rafferty’s Cobb Salad, giving Drew the business early.

12:33 – Will: Governor Beshear just sat down for a podcast session. Beshear calls Turkey Hunter ‘very resourceful’ for having the Haiti jersey. Clearly he hasn’t spent enough time on our website.

12:18 – DREW: I just gave up my podcast chair to Tom Leach. He’s a very well spoken guy and has a great voice for this. He should consider a career in radio. We’ll be back in a few to let you know what all Mr. Leach had to say. Go Cats.

12:08 – MATT: We just interviewed Richie Farmer and asked him about Clay County, Carlos Toomer and Rick Pitino….dont think he has done an interview quite like that before. And by the way, if you see the Haiti basketball jersey on the set, that was donated by the Turkey Hunter….for real. Turkey Hunter had a basketball jersey and now it is the centerpiece of the telethon set. The world is strange.

11:45 – Will – We’re set up and about to get going.  The podcast is ready to go, and there are rumors that Coach Cal may be on it.  Drew has been banned from talking to him, if he is.

A long, long time ago, way back before KSR became the official sponsor of CoverItLive’s liveblogs, Matt made a running diary of the SEC tournament.  Now that the crew is stationed at the Hoops for Haiti Telethon, we hope to mix a little old with the new.  We will be running a podcast from the WKYT studios, and treating this thread as a ‘Live Blog’ of sorts.  All kinds of people will be dropping by to post on in, so keep refreshing for updates as the KSR Crew steps outside of it’s boundaries, and tries to help someone else for a change.

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