A New Basketball Cat for This Year?

A New Basketball Cat for This Year?

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
abdoulaye.jpg Sometimes the world of recruiting is so bizarre that you almost cant believe it. Earlier this morning I received an email about another UK site reporting the possibility of a new player for 2008-2009. After doing a little digging, a source has told me the rumored name the staff was looking at is Abdoulaye Ouedraogo, a 6'8" forward from William Patterson College in New Jersey as a potential player for THIS season. He is from the nation of Burkina Faso, 23 years old and played at a Division III school (not sure what the transfer rules are for Division III schools) and according to the individual, this was discussed last week. I have no information as to what individual was being hinted at by the other site, but this individual seems like a potential guess (UPDATE: Kentucky Sports Report has heard the same name). I know nothing about the guy and had never heard his name before the email, but such is life. The staff discusses players all the time, so if not for the other report this morning, I wouldnt even post this. But there seems to be some discussion of a potential new player, potentially enrolling this week. I know nothing about it more than what I just wrote. But who knows, maybe the Cats will have an Abdoulaye Ouedraogo for the future? UPDATE: Just told by text that Marc Maggard has suggested that whatever individual he is speculating about may have even visited in the last few days.....obviously no confirmation as to whether that is true....and from what we know it likely isn't true

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