A new core value has emerged

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


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Louisville core value #6:  No band of brothers shall beat their teammates' ass

According to WAVE3, two Louisville football players, twin brothers Isaac and Jacob Geffard, attacked teammate Patrick Grant while he was sitting in the locker room, fracturing his face and requiring two surgeries to save his vision left eye and repair fractured bones around the eye socket.  The attack, which occurred in November, lead to the dismissal of the brothers and first degree assault charges being filed against them.  However, WAVE3 had no immediate information regarding whether or not this fight stemmed from a "Dougie" contest gone wrong.  Makes you wonder why it took so long for it to be reported, though.

The dismissal of the players also leaves the question of whether the brothers have basis for a suit against the school after they appear to have violated none of Charlie Strong's core values.  Those values are no lying, no stealing, no drugging, no shooting and no hurting women.  Seems like they were in the clear.

L Yes?

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