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There has been a lot of questions floating around the recent report by Zags blog that UK point guard target Josh Selby, according to Zagoria's sources, might be leaning toward Arizona and Kansas. While I'm not going to say that it is true or untrue (I actually feel its a little bit of both and you'll see why) I do feel like it is pertinent for me to say something on the matter to those UK fans who are now worried that UK has a problem or is making a mistake. Instead of getting worried about the situation, UK fans should realize that it is just a little too early for it to really make a difference. With Selby and Knight still on the board, as well as many other talented point guards, there could be a lot of dominoes falling in different directions that could totally screw up anyone's present leanings. Recruiting, unlike Drew's 2am "she'll do" prowls through Two Keys,  is a game of mutual attraction and right now, as Matt said earlier in the week, UK is gettin' frisky with Brandon Knight (Did I just author and distribute child porn?). The point is don't get your "I love the Situation" panties is too much of a bunch when you hear of certain leanings until we get to the point where we have no options left and really need a certain guy. Until then, I think Cal deserves our full "Blind Billy Gillispie" trust. Lastly on Selby, the kid has been white hot recently. First he scored 44 points in a game that Lake Clifton won by a last second layup from Selby. After the game, I spoke with his mom who was extremely excited and called it one of the best high school games she has seen in a long long time. Selby then followed that up with a 33 point, 8 rebound and 7 assist game. Above is his "Welcome to My World Episode 6" which also has highlights from his recent 52 point performance. Here's some links to get you updated. The site gave me problems so I haven't posted since last Friday. Please excuse me if I post a link you've already seen. Just trying to keep everyone up to date:

- Flip through this "On the Trail" board on ESPN to see recent scores from a lot of UK's targets. There's been quite a few of them having large scoring performances recently.

- Quite a few links for Terrence Jones came out recently. (HT to Aaron on a couple of them I'm sure)

- Brandon Knight was very impressive in front of Calipari recently and his total high school success has earned him a spot on the USA national team. He also talked recruiting in Dayton.

- Recent UK visitor, Amir Williams, has a lot of offers and schools looking at him.

- Doron Lamb helped guard #1 center Jared Sullinger over the weekend and ended up losing a heartbreaker. He also talked recruiting.

- Kentucky is interested in both Justin Coleman and Gorgui Dieng of Huntington Prep.

- Recent Maryland decommit and UK's newest wing target, Terrence Ross, speaks about recruiting.

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