A Quick, Fake Summary: Come Downstairs and Rebound, Ralphie!

The Fake Gimel Martinezalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:The Fake Gimel MartinezThe Fake Gimel Martinez

We all knew it would be a letdown game. UK2K came early, and the Wildcats were left to put on the pink bunny rabbit suit of Long Beach State. Immediately, the kids started whining and they begrugingly played the first half. It hurts when your talented center gets called for a technical for getting pushed and sits most of the first half.

The Wildcats came back downstairs in the second half with the suit on. But they were back downstairs with purpose. If the Wildcats would lose, the word of this humiliation could easily make Warren G. Harding school a veritable hell. After allowing Long Beach St. 21 first-half rebounds, the 49ers only had 16 in the second-half. The Wildcats forced 8 turnovers in the second half, compared to 4 in the first.

The Wildcats win 86-73. You guys look like a deranged Easter Bunny. Go upstairs and take it off.

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