A Strange Night in Vegas

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Beisner had a great report earlier, so just a few thoughts..... --- Another amazing scoring performance by Meeks. 37 in a win and he had over half of UK's points. The guy has to play this way for UK to win, but it still is amazing that he does it. I know he ball hogs a bit and some wish he would pass more, but I disagree. Without his points, the team cant win....shoot it up. --- Please, GET PATTERSON THE BALL. I am continually amazed at how few times he touches the ball on the block. UK should pull up a tape of Oklahoma and watch how they make sure Blake Griffin gets his touches. That should be the standard method for the Cats as well. --- 30 Turnovers is simply ridiculous. --- Where in the world is Perry Stevenson? On the radio broadcast last night, they said that he hasnt made a FG since the VMI game. Combine that with his lack of rebounding and I think we should see more Jorts. --- Another solid, if at times frustrating, game for Razor Ramon. Folks, Harris is the third leading scorer on the team and while he makes mistakes, he is the most consistent defender on the floor, gives 100% energy and scores in double figures most nights. If you dont already (and I do), learn to love him. --- I feel bad for Michael Porter. He plays his heart out, putting in 36 minutes, in part because of DeAndre Liggins' selfish decision (more on that later). He is what he is....and that isnt a great player. But he does fight, and that is worth something. --- Sub patterns are strange. Darius Miller plays almost none in the first half and then fouls out in the second. Strange indeed. --- Worst part of the game to me.....not the turnovers, those are now expected. For me the lack of defensive rebounding is killing the team. If I see Perry Stevenson stand around and watch another player take the ball from him, I may call for Jared Carter. This team has to WANT THE BALL. They are offensively challenged and they cant let the other team get second chance points. Continue to do that and they will be beaten time and time again. A tough game, BUT WE DID WIN and that needs to be remembered. Tonight is a major test. Same style of play, but a better coach and team. Lets hope we ace it.

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