A Sunday to Regroup
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A Sunday to Regroup

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dsc_0565.jpg Photo Courtesy of Clay Jackson. Check out more photos from CJ. 24 hours after a very difficult loss on a nasty day in Commonwealth Stadium and we all grow with some perspective. Yes, at times it seemed like the play calling yesterday was straight out of a Leslie County-Letcher County Central slugfest (inside draw anyone?). Yes, at times it seemed like the phrase "False Start #76" was simply on repeat from the referee and was perpetually ringing in my head. And yes, at times I even found myself thinking that Sylvester Croom might be a good coach. But after the haze of a Saturday at Commonwealth is blown over with the glory of a Saturday night out with girls in their "Halloween" costumes (aka dress as scandalously as possible on the best day of the year), we are back to our regular perspective. Kentucky did lose a game that is an embarrassing loss and is a game that takes away a great deal of the momentum. But thanks to losses in the Cocktail party and by the Old Ball Coach, Kentucky still is in the race for the SEC East (although they could have been in the driver seat) and the potential for a great bowl is still there. They just must regroup.....and if this team has shown anything, it is that it has the possiblity to do just that. For the rest of the day, the NFL and the Atlanta NASCAR race take over. Through the day, I will have the results of a conversation I had with a former UK player who has observed a couple of basketball practices in the last couple of weeks and a viewpoint (different than mine) on Garrett Stutz which I found interesting. If you are having trouble posting or registering, email me at [email protected] and we will see if we can get it fixed up.

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