A Tough Night of News
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A Tough Night of News

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Putting in a late night at the law firm, so gotta make it quick. I will have more in our late night post. As I alluded to on the show tonight, the news about Alex Legion is tough for the program. Alex is a top talent and one that would have been a HUGE contributor over the next few years. It could be the case that there is still time to have a change of heart, but at this point we dont know. However the events seemed to take place in this manner. On Friday, there was a meeting between Legion, his mother and Coach Gillispie in which the possibility of a transfer was mentioned. I was told of this on Friday by a source close to the team, but the individual said that he "thought they worked it out" and everything would be fine. Then we go to Saturday, where Legion does not play well and Alex's mother was very vocal in her criticism of the Coach and how he was using her son. I walked around the lower press area twice and heard her both times and was told by another press member that she kept it up the whole game. Then apparently Legion didnt come to practice today, and we are in our current situation. The reason for this move has less to do about playing time than it does about the relationship between the Coach and the player. There are multiple members of this team that arent happy with the way the Coach operates and are considering a transfer. Add to that the fact that many of the parents, including one in particular, are quite vocal in wanting a change in the way that Billy Clyde operates and his coaching style. I was told by one player's family member before the Legion news to expect "at least 2" to be gone by the end of the semester. I was surprised however that it was Legion who was the first, as he is Billy Clyde's guy and did not have the issue of an adjustment from one style to another. Utlimately I think the program will be ok, but there are some issues at this point. I will have more later in the night, but for now, not a good night for UK basketball. But they always say that the night is always darkest right before dawn.....

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