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Deep Italian connections can get you many things, but the Big Blue Football Network does not fit in the trunk of a Lincoln (but Rob Bromley sure does). So I’m assuming our Florida homeboy Rob Gidel was relegated to an evening with the ACC game of the week and The Golden Girls. Therefore, I will share my decidedly less legitimate musings from the 41-7 romp at The 'Wealth: The pre-game hurricane was a nice touch. It did, however, provide some priceless tailgating tomfoolery. During the maelstrom a rather pickled patron climbed on top of his truck and, lacking a shirt and sense of feel, began to do the Lieutenant Dan number from Forrest Gump. “Is that all you got?! You call this a storm?!” Yes, that is entertainment. (quick note: does the question mark go before the exclamation in that instance?!/!?) I really almost forgot that we had Rafael Little (278 APY). It was good to see that wiggle again. Due to the fact that UK spotted Louisville a mere 31 points, this was the first display of the Wildcat backfield this year…very encouraging performances. This Dickey Lyons thing is getting silly. The guy had two TD’s in the first half, giving him a total of 4 after two games, which has him tied with a couple of others for the NCAA lead. Seriously, who could have foreseen this kind of onslaught from a guy who was pretty much booted from the team last fall? I thought that finding my Candlebox CD earlier in the week in my parent’s basement was the ultimate surprise, but I’ll bestow that honor to Dickey who, in case you didn't see Chip Cosby's write-up the other day, shares a catchphrase with Paris Hilton. It’s hard to pad your all-purpose stats when there’s laundry on the field. Rafael Little had a couple of dynamite punt returns, one of them a TD, negated by poor blocking habits. Fullback John Conner caught a touchdown which gives Texas St. a final push into “God Awful” territory. John Conner. “You promised not to kill anyone!” “He’ll live.” That guy’s the Governor of California. Keenan Burton is still Vinny Chase on a team full of Dramas. Nothing really stood out defensively for Kentucky, but obviously Mike Archer’s gift to the world played much better than the Downy soft performance a week ago. You could say that they were playing with a colossal chip on their shoulder and had something to prove, but I say that Texas St. has much slower players. Andre Woodson is a puzzle…I mean, the guy has one of the liveliest arms I’ve seen in college football this season, he just isn’t “there” yet. He still misses too many throws and reads, but you just can’t have an arm like that on the bench. Plus, he’s showing significant improvement from last season, and is beginning to piece the puzzle together nicely (see how I played that, tied it in from the beginning)…and Texas St. has slow players. Curtis Pulley played janitor tonight but looked studly in his mop-up duties. You see Joker, he doesn’t have to be your third down back, he can do 1st and 2nd’s too. Of course by this time, Texas St. had really slow players. It was truly a blessing to not have to hear about “visiting Paris in the Fall and watching the Cats play ball” blaring over the loudspeakers anymore. It’s not quite Papa John’s…we don’t whistle while we twerk, yet…but a step-up in ambiance indeed. Steve Johnson, the JUCO transfer WR, finally got his uniform dirty. Kentucky is proving the preseason pessimism over pass-catchers to be false. Definitely a sleeper today in the house that Guy Morris built, but the Cats got the win they paid for. Kentucky had to win and win big; for their confidence, game experience, and opponent’s psyches. Ole Miss was dismantled by Missouri yesterday, and once again appeared very beatable. It’s going to be a dogfight next week, as the season will be more or less dictated for both teams. But a very encouraging performance from a team who needed a strong showing like Steve Spurrier needs an enima. UK showed that they can put together a solid attack when allowed to follow though with their game plan. Of course, Texas St. and those slow players…

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