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If you enjoy reading articles about the UK men’s basketball team, please visit my webpage at http://kybasketball.blogspot.com.  You can also follow my webpage on Twitter. My webpage has been around for several years and I update it several times per day so UK basketball fans have access to the best and most recent articles about the team. Now, The Article Links- Calipari says he hopes that this team will follow last year’s in on particular area: sacrifice Nerlens Noel might be the top pick in the 2013 NBA Draft and of particular interest to the Orlando Magic Darius Miller capably filled the role of UK sixth man in recent years, showed he could do the same for the New Orleans Hornets in his first NBA season Anthony Davis may get some limited minutes at center this season Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau reiterated that any expectations of the 19-year-old Marquis Teague must be tempered 2015 recruit Karl Towns announced on Twitter today that he'll attend Big Blue Madness on Friday

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