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If you enjoy reading articles about the UK men’s basketball team, please visit my webpage at http://kybasketball.blogspot.com.  You can also follow my webpage on Twitter. My webpage has been around for several years and I update it several times per day so UK basketball fans have access to the best and most recent articles about the team. Now, The Article Links- Wiggins4 If Andrew Wiggins picks Kentucky and the Wildcats win the 2014 national title, it may be here to stay Rick Bozich says there is a 40 percent chance Andrew Wiggins will pick UK tomorrow Jon Rothstein from CBS New York would be shocked if Andrew Wiggins doesn’t wind up in Tallahassee If Andrew Wiggins were to choose the Wildcats, this would have to be proclaimed as the greatest recruiting class in history It’s hard to believe anything would keep Andrew Wiggins from being the top NBA selection next summer, even if someone else outplays him in his one college season Andrew Wiggins has the skills to lead any team he picks to a national title

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