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We were not witnesses - Everyone's favorite parking lot monitor Jerry Tipton has his UK-UNC notes, in which Calipari praises Bledsoe's drive.  I thought Jerry wasn't allowed to write about players driving anymore? - Tipton also writes that UK leaned on Wall to beat UNC.  See what he did there?  "Leaned on wall"... That's wordplay at its best. - Brian Rickerd of the State Journal doesn't want you to read too much into yesterday's game.  But, I bet he does want you to read his article on why you shouldn't.  He says the young Wildcats still have a lot to learn. - Yesterday, Eric Bledsoe showed he is one of Kentucky basketball's cool kids. If you ask me (or anyone on campus,) they're all cool kids.  Even you, Jorts. - What's a Sunday morning without the C-J's College Basketball Notebook?  I don't want to find out.  Check it out to find out why Calipari was disappointed in Freedom Hall. - ESPN's Andy Katz took time out of his busy schedule of skipping podcasts to write about the legend of John Wall.  Unfortunately, he didn't use poster board and Elmer's glue to get his point across.  Legend of Cobb wins. - John Wall believes John Clay met expectations in front of the nation.  Wait, I think that's backwards.  The avid KSR reader and LHL sports columnist (Clay) says the freshman (Wall) lived up to his hype for the national audience. - Tired of reading about basketball?  No you're not.  But if you need a quick break, College Football News says Rich Brooks should be in discussion for national coach of the year.  Sorry, this article is a few days old.  I kept skipping over it because of the gigantic picture of Tebow on his senior day. - CBS sports writer Josh Katzowitz writes that the win over UNC should quiet Kentucky's doubters...like its coach.  Read this, but remember, I do not condone spelling Cats with K-a-t-z.  Not cool, Josh.  You and Andy disappoint me. - Larry Vaught tells the soon to be urban legend that John Wall needed his mom to rub his head while receiving an IV during the game.  Apparently, Wall is terrified of needles.  I refuse to believe this.  I bet the trouble in giving Wall the IV was that the needle could not penetrate Wall's Superman-like arms. - And last but certainly not least, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS what John Wall said after the game.  Could he really be coming back for his sophomore season?

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