Ace Weekly Weighs in on Clay vs KSR

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
clay There are so many media feuds now that they have become hard for me to keep straight. The latest one locally for us is of course with John "Get off my lawn you dirty cheerleading kids" Clay, who has taken to making "Sidelines" (his blog on the Herald Leader site) a stream of consciousness rant about what is wrong with KSR. While he wont link our actual work (for instance today choosing to link the USA Today story about our Thamel story yesterday...instead of, you know the actual story), he will write that we are immature, no-good, dastardly varmits who are simply "cheerleaders" for UK. On the Ace Weekly blog today, Kevin Faris writes this really interesting article about the feud in which he notes that if that is Clay's criticism about KSR, it should apply to his own paper as well. Faris points out that the tv stations in town call themselves things like "True Blue", "Your UK Sports Leader", etc and that the Herald Leader puts out books and posters commemorating UK wins...which isnt really so much journalism as making money off fandom. The article showcases that fan's problems with the Herald may be that they are "pro-UK" when there is money to be made, but become "hardcore journalists" when writing stories...a dichotomy that is a tenuous balancing act. Good work by Mr. Faris and a good description of arguably our most ridiculous feud yet in KSR land. Ace Weekly on Clay v KSR

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