Adam Lefkoe. <em>WHO?</em> Adam Lefkoe. (Friday Show Thread)

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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His name is Adam Lefkoe. He's the sports anchor for WHAS 11 in Louisville. He's the man behind 'The Rivalry' YouTube series. He's from Philadelphia. He's our friend. Kind of. And today, he's filling in for Matt Jones on Kentucky Sports Radio radio. Oh, by the way, he went to Syracuse. Give Adam a call at (502) 571-1080 and make sure his first day on KSR is a memorable one. Good questions for Lefkoe: -- "Did you have fun in New Orleans on Monday after the title game?" -- "How do you ride so dirty but shine so clean?" -- "Best state to work in: Nebraska or Kentucky?" -- "What's Kent Spencer like in real life?" Listen to Kentucky Sports Radio

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