Adult video website wants to sign NIL deals with college athletes
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Adult video website wants to sign NIL deals with college athletes

Drew Franklin5 months


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


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[caption id="attachment_359878" align="alignnone" width="2560"] (Photo: Getty Images)[/caption] CamSoda is an adult video streaming website with content of explicit nature for very mature audiences only (so I've heard), but now the porn company is looking to expand its video catalog to include personalized videos from college athletes. CamSoda announced it is seeking Name, Image, Likeness deals with NCAA student-athletes willing to give fans "intimate access to their personal lives." These videos will not be of the same variety as CamSoda's other productions, but a family-friendly look into the athletes' lives off of the field with video access to workouts, live interviews and more. CamSoda's VP sent out the following press release. I would like to note that I found it via Google search here on another website I don't visit and that I personally did not receive any communication from CamSoda, nor am I on CamSoda's mailing list.
It’s a shame it took the NCAA this long to bring about this change. Where was this when Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush, Johnny Manziel, Diana Taurasi, Adam Morrison and so many others were in college? College athletes deserve to make money for their fame and build their brand to be able to set the market and drive pay like we have seen done by the Paul brothers in boxing. Not only will we promote our CamSoda athletes across our social channels, but as part of their partnership with us the athletes can stream themselves live and give fans intimate access to their personal lives. For example, they can break down their recent performance/game tape and provide in-depth, behind-the-scenes insights or hold Q&A sessions. Basically give people what they’ve been clamoring for for many years.
Before you worry (or in some cases, get excited) about your favorite Wildcat signing with a porn company, a reminder that UK's rules do not allow student-athletes to sign with adult companies, including this OnlyFans wannabe. However, another state university I won't name could've made a killing on CamSoda during its NCAA tournament run in 2013.

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