Advanced statistics implies that Kentucky's Davion Mintz needs more minutes

Advanced statistics implies that Kentucky's Davion Mintz needs more minutes

Zack Geoghegan11 months


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Kentucky's struggles this season have been intensely dissected with the hope of finding something positive to take away from a 1-4 record and one of the worst starts in the program's history. Well, look no further. Twitter user Evan Miyakawa (@evanmiya) dove deep into some self-created advanced analytics that suggests Kentucky's problems aren't as complex as they might seem. According to Miyakawa, the answer might be as simple as this: more minutes for Davion Mintz and fewer for B.J. Boston. His website,, is a great tool for in-depth analytics coverage, and it provided him with some ideas for a potential fix to this stammering Wildcat offense. Check out his thread below, where he lays out how Mintz is statistically the team's most effective and efficient player for Kentucky when he's on the floor. It also provides an equally-as-interesting look at how Boston's poor play the last few games have severely limited UK's offense. After comparing the advanced stats with the eyeball test, maybe more minutes for Mintz and fewer for Boston is best in the short term for Kentucky. While the long-term idea of that theory might need more than a five-game sample size to make definitive moves, it's interesting nonetheless that the Wildcats have steadily played better without its prized five-star recruit.

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