Aint Too Proud to Clog

Matt Jones10/16/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
If you followed this blog last week, you know that with great trepidation, we were worried about the potential for destruction based on the clogging at Midnight Madness. When I heard about the performance of "All That", I envisioned the potential for old timey clogging that would make us look like backwards hillbillies to our new group of recruits. Well it wasnt exactly like that. Instead of hillbillies, "All That" were more Backstreet Cloggers and seemed to have the market cornered on hair gel and fake blond highlights. For those of you that missed the performance, or who maybe just want to have it relived for days and weeks to come, I thought this picture would be helpful. "All That" did not live up to its name, but it wasnt dreadful....but if I were UK, I would go ahead and shelve them for the near future.....memo to Mitch Barnhart: if we want famous Kentuckians with ambiguous sexuality, we would much prefer Michael Waltrip.

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