AJ Rose: "We could've called some better plays"

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Kentucky did not capitalize on early opportunities in scoring position at Alabama, and running back AJ Rose believes it was a play-calling problem. "We could've called some better plays, or better play calls to get us into better position," Rose said after his team's embarrassing 63-3 defeat. "But it's how the game flow is going. He called what he thought was needed and we had to go out there and execute it, and we failed at that." Later in the press conference Rose was asked to point out specifically where he thought things went wrong in the play calling, to which he said, "We didn't take advantage of being in the red zone. We definitely could've called some plays to even the game out, balance the game out, run, throwing, we missed opportunities and field goals and things like that, but that's just how the game goes." https://youtu.be/PHGy4esJ7j8?t=505 "Can't dwell on it," he added. "Got to move forward. Got another big matchup this weekend and we're going to do what it takes to win this game." Eddie Gran won't love that Rose (who Gran has defended) voiced those frustrations externally. But in Rose's defense, analyst Jordan Rogers was critical of Gran's offense on the TV broadcast, so Rose is not alone with those thoughts.

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