AJ Stewart feeling Gillispie

AJ Stewart feeling Gillispie

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ajs.jpeg'/ I have long said that when AJ Stewart gets to Kentucky, fans will like him. They will love his energy, his passion and his ability. And if he keeps doing things like this, they might like him even more. Here is a message apparently left by AJ Stewart to Patrick Patterson on his myspace site.... "so me and jai r goin to uk so all we need is our big fella to ride with us so we can go ahead and win this ncaa championship Gotta like that.....And then this was his comment to UK fans about Gillispie.... "i swear man this whole thing with the coach has been crazy, and i wasn't really sure if i wanted to stay at UK or not but I love the fans and all this love that I'm getting from everybody and now i can't wait till i come to lexington..... Thanks for all the love for real and if u leave a message and i don't get u back please don't be mad i really do get alot of messages and i can't get them all. You folks will like AJ, I promise.... (By the way, these comments were sent to me via email by a fan....I assume they are on there, but I have not seen them)

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