Alabama and Tennessee in National Championship years

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Just to hope and wish there is some trend or similarity between this year's team and the other 7 national championship teams, I looked up on Jon Scott's fantastic website how the other teams fared against this weeks two opponents, Alabama and Tennessee.  Interesting findings: ALABAMA 1948: Won 41-31 and 63-33 1949: Won 56-40 and 74-32 1951: Won 65-48 1958: Won 45-43 (ot) 1978: Lost 78-62 and Won 97-84 1996: Won 84-65 1998: Won 70-67 and 82-71 Combined Record: 10-1 TENNESSEE 1948: Won 75-64, 69-42, and 70-47 1949: Won 66-51, 71-56, and 83-44 1951: Won 70-45 and 86-61 1958: Won 77-68 and 77-67 1978: Won 90-77 and 68-57 1996: Won 61-44 and 90-50 1998: Won 85-67 and 80-74 Combined Record: 16-0 What does this all mean?  Well, in the grand scheme of things, nothing.  Especially considering most of the guys on team were between the ages of 6 and 9 when UK last won their title, and Jon Hood and Mark Krebs are probably the only ones on the teams that remember that last title.  But, there is an overlying theme that can be garnered from these past results, and that is the truly great UK teams put the hammer down come conference season.  The seven national title teams lost a COMBINED 8 SEC games.  The most games any one of those teams lost in conference play was TWO.  I think there is a trend there when it comes to the great UK teams.  With one loss already on the books this season, I really hope there is nothing more than one more, or this team will have to break the mold.

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