Alex Legion: Dont Say Goodbye Just Yet
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Alex Legion: Dont Say Goodbye Just Yet

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
lllegion.jpg I hate to bump the Intern's brilliant post below (make sure and check it out), but there is news to pass on. The smarmy Seth Davis is reporting that there is a chance Alex Legion pulls a Joe Crawford and returns to the Kentucky basketball team. Citing the ubiquitous "source", Seth says that Alex is having second thoughts and may rejoin the squad. That would be a good ending for all parties and one to root for. And if so, then two of my least favorite college basketball personalities (Goodman and Davis) will have reported the coming and going of a UK player. Stay tuned..... UPDATE: In a telling quote just published by Jerry Tipton, Legion's mother showcases what really was at issue here: “I’m told Billy and he have worked out their differences,” Annette Legion said. “If that’s true, I will support him. I don’t have a problem if he goes back. He’s the one that’s doing the hardship. He’s the one doing the workouts.” "He's the one doing the workouts".....further proof that the story we heard that the issue was relationship with the coach and work load was the sticking point here. More from mom: “The last 24 hours they’ve been working on my son,” the player’s player, Annette Legion, said Tuesday night. She likened her son’s second thoughts to someone not realizing what they have till it’s gone. “It’s like a divorce,” Mrs. Legion said. “You don’t know how valuable that person is till you’re divorced. When you’re married, you couldn’t see it.”

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