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alexlegion.jpeg I just had a very interesting interview with Alex Legion in which he talked about his trip to Kentucky, his list of schools and other interesting tidbits. Here are the highlights: You visited Kentucky this past weekend. Talk a little about your visit and what you did. The staff took me all over the place. I went to Rupp Arena and got to see the court and everything and just how big the arena is. They took me to the academic center and I was absolutely amazed at how much care they put into setting you up academically to do well. I also went to the practice facility and was absolutely blown away by everything in it. They have the weights, the training stuff and a video room kind of set up like the NBA. Everything a college athlete would want and only 20 yards away from the dorm so its convenient. But the most impressive thing that has ever happened to me on a visit is that I got to meet the President and the mayor. That showed me how much the school really wants me and it was the highlight of the trip. Plus I also went to Keeneland and being from Detroit, I havent really been around a lot of horses, so it was kind of a neat experience. Do you know any of the guys on the UK team? Well I know Joe from growing up in Detroit and we get along really well. He was my host and he loves the place. Plus I know Mark Coury from playing with him in high school. He is a real smart guy and he seems like he is doing well there too. What did Coach Gillispie say about your potential role with the team? Coach Gillispie told me that he wants me to come in and make an impact with Ramel, Joe and Jodie and that we may be a quick, four-guard team. I like the idea of that. You have been listed as considering UCLA and Michigan. Are you going to visit those two schools? I have been to those schools before, so I am going to talk with them some, but I already know a lot about them and dont need to visit again. It has been reported by another source that the decision has already been made and that the deal is done for you to go to UK. Is that true? I dont know anything about that. I havent said anything to anyone about that. Somebody may have talked to other people about it, like my mom or something, but I havent made a decision yet. Do you know any of the other UK recruits? I know Patrick and Jai real well as I played with them at the NBA camp. I actually just got off the phone with Patrick a little while ago and was trying to persuade him to look real hard at Kentucky. You know he has a lot of people going after him, so I dont know what he will do. I think his dad likes Duke and his mom likes UK and you never know what he wants to do. But we talked about the pros and cons of each school and he likes that UK is close and they need a big man, so I think he is considering UK hard. When do you think you will make a decision? Pretty soon....hopefully in the next few days. Alex will be on the Sports Mob tomorrow at 5 pm.

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